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Have you written a great book and want to take it to the best-selling aisle? Hire book cover designers and ghostwriters Canada and wrap it into an appealing cover that sells itself instantly.

Our book cover design services in Canada are all about bringing your title the attention it deserves. We do everything from scratch from captivating graphics and enticing fonts to a tempting color palette. Precisely - it gives the right clue to entice without giving the spoiler.

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Hire Book Cover Design Agency Featuring Incredible Benefits

Design That Sells
Design That Sells

A great cover has a lot to do with the sales. That's why we design covers that share your story with the world without revealing the actual plot. It's 100% customized and dazzling.

Rockbottom Prices
Rockbottom Prices

We're winning the price game in Canada. Nobody comes up with cheap prices like ours. Our idea is simple-we want you to make money from our book cover without spending a fortune.

Top Cover Designers
Top Cover Designers

With a team full of top ebook cover designers, we managed to impress our clients every single time. From graphics to artistry, our book cover creators are a ten at everything.

Can't puzzle out why your book isn't getting the grabs?

Our book cover design experts are here to increase your book sales by 3x with a compelling design that piques the reader's interest.

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Book Cover Designers In Canada Are Up For Any Genre!

Book cover design services in Toronto cover any genre. No matter what kind of book, a novel or a cookbook, our covers serve as the last piece of the puzzle to get the right readers.

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Memoir
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Janis Glover
Canadian Authors Stick To Us For Their Book Cover Designs

"I was searching for book cover designers for hire in Calgary and found them. Since they were top-rate online book cover makers, I didn't wait a minute and ordered instantly. Their team followed the specifics and gave me a great-looking cover. Remarkable services!"

Janis Glover, Author of 'Cherry Contacts'.
Fredrick Andrews
Canadian Authors Stick To Us For Their Book Cover Designs

"After taking their proofreading and editing services, I went with their ebook cover design service. The prices were cheap and affordable. Plus, they made fast delivery and even free revisions. Undoubtedly, they are the best custom book cover designers in Canada".

Fredrick Andrews, Author of 'Shield Of Judas'.
Lynette Mcgee
Canadian Authors Stick To Us For Their Book Cover Designs

"I asked my friends to recommend me a good book cover designer for hire, and everybody said they were the best. The book cover design specialists asked what I wanted and offered me a real deal, which I couldn't resist. Moreover, the book cover was fabulously done".

Lynette Mcgee, Author of 'Breaking Blade'.
Myra Oliver
Canadian Authors Stick To Us For Their Book Cover Designs

To become a best-selling author, I had to get an exceptional cover. I looked for book cover design services near me and went for it. Since they had clients from Dublin to Edmonton, I knew they wrer good. The best part was that they did my book cover within 2 days only"

Myra Oliver, Author of 'The Edge Of The Galaxy'.
Our Book Cover Designs Are Sure To Spike Your Sales In Canada

Let your title reach its audience with a striking book cover.

Higher Your Sales In Canada By Harnessing The Power Of A Great Book Cover!

We have been hearing all our lives, 'Never judge a book by its cover', but the reality is totally different. People do choose their read by looking at the cover. But now our book cover and author website design services have taken over Canada. From memoirs to fiction, our designers create covers for every genre. We eliminate the predictability and make it more mysterious to ignite curiosity in your reader's mind.

Being an award-winning book design company, no genre is complex for us.

No borders stop us from serving Canada. That means no matter where you reside, it doesn't matter because we take orders from Dublin To Winnipeg. Our motive is to boost the credibility and sales of your book.

  • Our design services for book covers are unique, as you will get a 100% original and customized cover that strikes.
  • We aren't just famous for giving out the best prices but also fast. We broke records by delivering in 2 days only.
  • Every book cover is created by our most qualified designers whose resume is packed with great experiences.

We are the only book cover design company that people are obsessed with. Thanks to our catchy and unforgettable covers.

Ultra Fast Book Cover Design Agency In Canada

Your search for 'book cover illustrators for hire' will lead you to uncountable websites, but are you sure they will do your work on time? While these unreliable companies make you wait long to deliver a single cover, we ensure to wrap up your story with a mesmerizing book cover on time. We are known for our fast delivery that takes no more than two days. Yes-you heard it right. Canada picks us up since they know we are the fastest and will never settle on an average-looking cover. Even if you're fleeting on time, we will surely surprise you with our prompt delivery.

Will Your EBook Cover Design Service In Canada Fit My Budget?

Are you the one looking for book cover designers for self-publishers? Let's just make it clear the journey will be harsh on your wallet. The prices are jacked up, and you're budget doesn't allow you to go for it. That's why we jump in and make your book reach its full potential with our book cover design and formatting service. However, the best part is our ultra-cheap prices. We go low on the prices but with the quality services that make your book a best seller. So, whether you need editing, designing or publishing, only we offer the best cost price that won't rip you off.

Does Your CA's Book Cover Design Agency Have Command Over Every Genre?

Nobody wants to knock on the door of different companies for different genres. But we have brought book cover design services of every genre under one roof to make it easy for you.

We are here to fulfil all your needs, no matter what genre you have. By taking every genre into our portfolio, we have taken our name to Winnipeg's top book cover design companies. Whether you're a fiction author or want your mystery novel to get the right attention, we will spike our creative mode to craft a great book cover. In a nutshell, we will bring all the luck to you with a fantastic book cover.

What Makes Your Book Cover Design Services In Canada The Best?

It's obvious that people pick up the book by its cover. They simply don't know the story, but the cover gives them a little peek into the story. That's one glimpse is your chance to impress your audience and make them add your book to the cart. Our book cover designs are novel and 100% original, so your book gets the best face. With the right font, diverse colour wheel and enticing graphics, we make your book cover unique and eye-catching. No, we aren't about spoilers - instead, we give out the right part to give them a hint of what this ride will be like. Our covers will make your book the one people fight for.

Do You Have Best In Class Book Design Services and Client Support In Canada?

We understand your pain when you order something. Hanging you up on call and late response time is a real bummer. You must be searching for the 'best book cover designers near me', and you'll surely find us on top because of our exceptional services. To give Canadians hassle-free services, our experts take care of everything. No matter your issue, our representatives will resolve it within a few hours. Even if you want free revision or consultation, call us quickly, and we'll return you with a happy face. We aren't just a random next-door company; we take services seriously!

Book Cover Designs Done By Canada's Top Experts

Now that you know the pros of great book covers, there's no way you would want to sabotage your chances of getting the most sales. So just head straight to us since we have the best team of designers to work on your covers. Our designers are highly qualified and skilled enough to pass our strict criteria and are now winning millions of people's hearts with their work. We don't rely on newbies, but go for our best designers to make your book front page one in a million. With over 35 designers in our team, we have rendered 7000+ covers - 70% of them are New York's best sellers.