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At TheGhostwriting.ca, we specialize in professional fantasy writing to turn authors' ideas into top-quality fantasy stories! With a strong team of creative fantasy ghostwriters for hire, we have delivered over 500K+ fantasy novels to authors worldwide, with 80% of them awarded as the town's best-seller.

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Transport Readers to An Imaginative World With Professional Fantasy Writer Services in Canada

Wondering how to start fantasy writing? Do you have an outstanding story concept but can't put it into words? Worry not; you are in good hands with our professional fantasy writers for hire. Our team of experts knows how to blend imagination with enough realism to stay true to your vision.

We never sacrifice your true ideas and unique voice while painting your novel through words. The team conveys your ideas in your genuine voice, follows the story arcs you describe, and adds their insights to make sure your book transports readers to an imaginative world.

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Our Fantasy Book Writers Are Trusted By Authors In Canada And Beyond

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From a team of writers to proofreaders, editors, and QA, we're backed up by a crew of professionals with years of experience who deliver exceptional services to authors. Our crew stands as a backbone, making us an ultimate choice in Canada.

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On-Time Deliveries

Being ahead of time is our strongest forte! The staff here is quick and always prepared, empowering us to deliver every order on time. Plus, we also cater to urgent orders, so if you need your fantasy novel within a week, we can do that as well.

Complete Encryption
Complete Encryption

Our agency's first and foremost priority is to protect our clients' trust and identity. Therefore, we adhere to strict guidelines to protect the client's information unless they consent to reveal it. Otherwise, it is all safe and secure with us.

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Right now, you are at the right place to get your fantasy novels done! With us, you can become the town's bestselling author, without writing a word. Get in touch with us and today let's begin with your fantasy novel.

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The Capabilities Of Our Canadian Fantasy Writing Company Spans Across 10+ Types

Our top-notch fantasy writing company has tackled every circumstance imaginable, having dealing with first-time authors or popular names! Moreover, we are always prepared to write every type of book, irrespective of word count or category. Some of the most famous categories we have written for are:

  • Novels
  • Short Stories
  • Series
  • Fan Fiction
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Script Adaptations
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Top Notch Authors
Emily Smith
Authors Reviews About Our Fantasy Writing Service In Canada

"Exceptional fantasy writing company! They turned my concept into an interesting fantasy novel. Their attention to detail and commitment to deliver order on-time makes them the best choice to work with. I am very satisfied with their service and I would surely recommend them to other authors."

Emily Smith
Jacob Patel
Authors Reviews About Our Fantasy Writing Service In Canada

"Working with this professional fantasy writing website was no less than a dream come true. Their writers not only understood my idea but they honed it by adding their insights to my idea. They helped me improve my idea and I received a well-written fantast novel. The final results surpassed my expectations."

Jacob Patel
Sophie Tremblay
Authors Reviews About Our Fantasy Writing Service In Canada

"TheGhostwriting.ca is a true gem for authors. They were really quick and always on their toes to respond! Since this is the first time I am writing any online fantasy writing service, I was very confused. But thanks to them for being patient with me. Highly recommended for their professional and fast service."

Sophie Tremblay
Liam MacKenzie
Authors Reviews About Our Fantasy Writing Service In Canada

"I had a wonderful experience with their fantasy writers! They wrote a remarkable story for me that not only reflected my idea but the final outcome was exactly in my genuine tone. Their continuous support throughout the process is worth appreciating. Thanks a lot for your fast and smooth support."

Liam MacKenzie
Ethan Dubois
Authors Reviews About Our Fantasy Writing Service In Canada

"It was pleasure working the professional team of the ghostwriters. I had already written my manuscript but wanted an expert to polish my novel. They improved my manuscript, made it error-free, sharpened the concept and delivered on-time. A big thanks to your entire team for perfect assistance."

Ethan Dubois
Olivia Chan
Authors Reviews About Our Fantasy Writing Service In Canada

"I have been working with online fantasy writers for past 3 years but none of them could match the standards followed by this firm. I am very much impressed with their service. From the initial discussion till the final delivery, the procedure was really smooth. Would love to re-hire them, without a doubt."

Olivia Chan
This Is Your Chance To Become A Bestselling Author Of A Fantasy Book!

Opportunities never knock twice. This is your chance to become a bestselling author and gain the popularity you've dreamt of.

Work With Creative Fantasy Book Writers Who Are A Complete Package Of Excellence

We never claim that our professional fantasy writing or author website design service is the only frontrunner in the industry, but we can confidently claim that our team of writers is strong and expert. You can ace fantasy writing in two ways – either you are enthusiastic about it or have invested enough time in this field! We take pride in the fact that our team is a complete package, and we have invested enough time and are enthusiastic about writing.

Hire Our Online Fantasy Writing Website In CA And Witness The Magic Of Words

In the world of literature, our fiction writing company stands out as a benchmark among all companies. For every order, we receive benefits from our team's strong experience and creative flair. If you trust us with fantasy writing service, you can be reassured that a professional writer will complete your manuscript.

  • Here, we work with an experienced and qualified team of writers
  • Each of them has worked for famous personalities in the town
  • They align their writing style with the requirements of the client

We believe a good team is a keystone to a successful company. That's the reason we have brought in best-in-class writers from all over the world!

Escape The Doubts With Our Leading Fantasy Writing In Canada

You've probably tried taking fantasy writing help, but the doubters scoffing at the idea of hiring an expert for a fantasy book might have pulled you back. The same goes for hiring an online speech writing service. But you know what? They are mistaken! With the rise of e-books, several sites like ours have decided to extend our help to the authors. However, it is important to have experienced fantasy writers at your side. Not every fantasy writing company is trustworthy. That's the reason we have rounded up the following FAQs to ensure you feel secure and satisfied while working with us.

Who Is the Most Popular Fantasy Writer?

TheGhostwriting.ca is a renowned fiction writing company known throughout Canada and worldwide for its exceptional writing expertise, customer service and pricing! We are the longest-established firm in the town, and it's safe to say that we are pioneers in the market. Our commitment to delivering top quality manuscripts on time has made us stand out in the industry. Although you might come across other great sites, we enjoy being the top choice of authors worldwide. Lastly, our high client satisfaction rate is the biggest testament to our excellence.

How to Get Started Writing a Fantasy Novel?

How to start writing fantasy books is the most common query. Begin with a concept. Think of a concept and a storyline. Then, plan and design your characters and merge them with a plot. Define the history of the fantasy world and the rules of magic. Then, plan the main storyline and describe key events and conflicts. Lastly, begin writing and set a schedule for writing. However, this is a very long process and can exhaust you easily. Therefore, the best way out is to hire an online service as they are familiar with fantasy writing styles and understand how to write a captivating novel.

What Will Be a Charge for Writing a Fantasy Book?

Prices in the market begin from $ 2000 CAD, while our prices start from $ 1800 CAD only. That's an average price in Canada. However, the final price would depend upon several factors such as the word count, deadline, the complexity of your concept, and much more. But rest assured, our fantasy writing service in Canada is the most affordable in the town. Moreover, we offer many discounts all year long. That's the reason why newbie authors feel confident while working with us. We offer several packages to cater to various requirements. Hence, you can rely on us if budget is an issue.

How Long Should a Fantasy Novel Be?

The length of a fantasy novel can vary depending on different factors, but there are some benchmarks that can be followed as guidelines. If it's a debut fantasy novel, the word count can fall between 80,000 to 120,000 words. For a Young Adult (YA) novel, the word count can range between 70,000 to 100,000 words. Lastly, epic fantasy can have 120,000 to 150,000 words. Word count is a totally personal choice. You can let us know about your expectations, and we'll work according to them. However, our experts recommend keeping the word count as low as possible.

How Long Will It Take To Write A Fantasy Novel?

The time it takes to write a fantasy novel can depend on uncountable factors like complexity, research, and word count. An average fantasy novel of 80,000 to 120,000 words can take up to 15-20 days. Usually, if authors are short on time and require their novels urgently, we can accommodate their request by charging a little more. Moreover, the number of revisions/edits you require can also impact the delivery time. Therefore, it's better to share your project's requirements and details to see how long it will take to complete your novel. Get in touch with us today.