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TheGhostWriting.ca is any author's life saviour so that they can buck up their promotion affordably with a captivating book video trailer.

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Do you want your book to be sold out in the first week? For that, you have to choose our trailer and book printing services. Since we have the right expertise, we guarantee results instantly.

Our book trailer production services will turn your words into a beautiful visual hook that will bind your audience to it. With engaging animation and powerful characters, we give your readers a quick ride into your story. In a nutshell, our trailer is an effective promotion!

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Book Video Trailer Agency Introduces the Best Perks in Canada

Fascinating Video
Fascinating Video

Want to make your book launch a big hit? Our trailer will do the job right with exciting animation and hook. We craft clips that intensify the thirst of people for your book instantly.

Best Price & Delivery
Best Price & Delivery

We are winning the hearts of Canadians with our affordable price tags and fastest delivery. Our budget-friendly services with a turnaround of around 7 days is a deal you can't refute.

Team of Experts
40+ Team of Experts

Our team is power-packed with talent from all over the world. With the best animators and editors in the team, we turn your vision into a video that incites your desired action.

Do you want to introduce your book better?

You've landed in the right spot. We create book video trailers for you so you can kick start your promotion efficiently at cheap prices.

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4500+ BOOK TRANSFORMATIONSOur Book Video Marketing Has Pushed Sales Of Many Titles In Canada!
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Have A Quick Ride Into How Our Book Trailer Service Works

Our idea is simple - give your audience a taste of what it's going to be like. Since videos are the new normal, we give them a hint of how fascinating your book is in visuals, regardless of the genre.

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Memoir
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Kelvin Boone
Canadians Only Settle For Our Book Video Trailer Agency

“I always wanted to take my name to the best-selling author's list, but my book never got that recognition. Fortunately, they worked on my book trailer, which turned into a big hit. I have received many awards for my work while my book is still a New York Times best seller.”

Kelvin Boone, Author of 'Empire's Curse'.
Lynda Adams
Canadians Only Settle For Our Book Video Trailer Agency

“Since their book trailer agency was #1 in Canada, I tried my luck with them. Their team was very professional and guided me about the trailer process and how we could make it better. When I received the final trailer, I was shocked to see how engaging it was. Fabulous job!”

Lynda Adams, Author of 'The Spell In The Wind'.
Alfredo Horton
Canadians Only Settle For Our Book Video Trailer Agency

“After reviewing many book trailer sites, I made up my mind to go for their services. I hired them for publishing and book-trailer services since it looked promising. They took my opinion at every stage and worked as per the feedback. Highly recommended for everyone!”

Alfredo Horton, Author of 'Tried For Mercy'.
Travis Sanchez
Canadians Only Settle For Our Book Video Trailer Agency

“Their book trailers costs were the least as compared to others. However, the quality of the book trailer was top-notch. I needed a few tweaks in the script, which they did in no time. It was free of cost. Overall, they were great at everything. They are surely my favourite!”

Travis Sanchez, Author of 'The Strange Child'.
Customize Every Second Of Your Book Trailer Video!

You are free to customize everything from length to animation.

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HD Book Video Trailer Services In Calgary To Hype Up Your Title!

Gone are the days when you used to promote your book with regular 'book reveals'. Book launches are costly and do not fit the budget of a newbie author. Ditch those old methods. Our book promotion services are the right way to make your book visible to your audience. We will create a book trailer for your book so that your first introduction to the world can be more blasting. That too at cheap rates.

We are a book video marketing agency which make your book launch a big hit!

Your fantastic book needs a good push just to kickstart the promotion game. That's precisely what we do with our professional book trailers. Regardless of your genre or audience, we cater for any book to make it a big success.

  • It's 100% original and built from scratch. We focus on creativity and uniqueness to bring the best narrative out.
  • From blurb trailer to author profile, we do everything to make your next book launch a chartbuster.
  • We are high on quality and low on prices. With our affordable prices, your book promotion will become a cinch.

Our 3-minute promotional videos for books are one of the most loved packages we offer. It's a quickie to become an award-winning author.

Will your book trailer make my promotion game strong in Canada?

We are known for delivering the best book trailers in the last few years. Our secret lies in our great production and customization. We love to abide by your instructions and create an original trailer that will pique the curiosity of your audience. We dismember the book and pick the best parts to create a fun trailer. From the introduction to the climax, we add hooks to keep your audience at the edge of the seat. With the right end and appropriate hint of a story, we ignite their curiosity, too. Precisely, we have the recipe to make your book a New York Times bestseller and turbocharge your sales.

How much do your book trailers and video costs in Toronto?

If you look up book trailer companies in Canada, you'll find unlimited options with expensive price tags. However, none of that would be affordable to you. To take off the burden from your wallet, we have kept our prices cheap and cheerful. Yes - our absolutely lowest process will spread a smile on your face since you know you'll return with great value. Before curating a final video, we give you a free sample script so you can look at how it will turn out in the end.

Plus, our bundle deals are always available for you to save more money and bag more value. Even at low prices, we promise the best quality.

Do your book video trailer services provide fast delivery in Canada?

Our book video trailer production services have broken records of timely delivery. In 10+ years of service, our timely delivery rate is around 99%. We not only focus on our video production but on the quality of our services. While others may take a few weeks for the job, we only consume 7 days to transform your book into a captivating trailer. Plus, we love to give you the good news that we entertain orders from all around Canada, including Ottawa and Vancouver. No matter how short the deadline is, we are prompt with the delivery time so you can taste the wonders of the best video book trailer services.

Are your book trailer services confined to a few genres In Canada?

Not at all. While others may offer you a few genres only, we take a 360-degree run on it. We never bound you to a few genres, but our doors are open for any book. From fantasy to memoir, we have got you covered. Not just that, our portfolio includes docu-trailers, blurb trailers and author profiles so that you can go for any type as per your book genre. The idea is straightforward- we make your trailer an evergreen wonder that steepen your sale graph. Giving book promotion an exciting turn, you can customize everything from cinematic shots to animations.

What makes you the best book video trailer agency in Canada?

We have got many reasons that compel people to come for our services. Wondering why? Just search 'best book video trailer companies near me', and we'll pop up instantly on top because of our remarkable services. Our client support is a life saviour since we are available 24/7. From queries to updates on projects, we rectify any issue that comes your way. However, the best part is the response time. No issue will last more than a few hours since we have the best team to resolve that. Come up for free revisions or a complimentary consultation, we entertain our clients around the clock.

Our Team Is The Brighter Side Of Our Book Video Trailer Production Firm

The brighter side of working with us is the access to our competent team. Our book video trailer company has top-rated book trailer exports to make your clip the best one. Each video maker is hand-picked from Winnipeg, Dublin, Calgary and Edmonton, so only the best talent can work on your project and turn your book trailer super engaging. Just when they are finished with their work, our professional editors work on it to make it a flawless miracle. The editing process is completely free to ensure you get the best trailer and reap the results you've been longing for.